The endourology is a minimally invasive surgical technique, whereby, endoscopically, can treat many diseases of the upper and lower urinary tract from the urethra to the kidney, such as stones, calculi or «stones» (intracorporeal lithotripsy) prostate tumors, bladder and ureter (transurethral resection), and strictures of the urethra, by a similar telescope (endoscope) which is coupled to a camera and instruments endourological instrument that enters the body through the ducts growth and natural cavities (urethra, bladder, ureter and kidney) without making incisions. This endoscopic procedure permitie address the problem of the patient on an outpatient basis, whether man or woman, regardless of age or weight, without major bleeding, evitándosele open surgery, which in the past had been done; finally presenting an excellent development, and an early return to work.

This technology has advanced to the level currently getting smaller, flexible and sophisticated endourological equipment with which treatments are most effective are made.

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